Move to Bali Consulting Service

Your move is our passion

Moving to Bali is an exciting opportunity but also a great challenge.

When we moved here, we realised just how difficult it was to gain a good understanding on how things worked and there was a lot of ‘unspoken’ information or information that was not always easy to obtain.

By living here, we have learnt a great deal about expat life from choosing a school and opportunities for children, finding a good doctor and opening a bank account.

We are eager to share this invaluable experience with other families considering or making the move to Bali.

We can give you honest feedback to suit your needs and give you the right information to make informed decisions.

Email your contact number and time zone and we can do a free 15 minute call discussing your needs and more about the service. 

Once we have spoken, I will quote you our service fee if you would like to continue.

Some topics we can discuss with you include:

  • Short-term and Long-term Housing options (furnished and unfurnished)
  • Best location to live and information about the neighbourhood
  • Safety
  • Telephone/Internet
  • Visas
  • Schooling
  • Child Care
  • Nannies and Babysitters
  • Practical financial advice including cost of living, opening a local bank account, transferring money, credit cards
  • Health insurance and medical information
  • Transport and getting around
  • Pre-departure planning
  • Cultural information to assist with fitting into local life
  • General cost of living and budgets

What we can we offer?

  • Initial chat to gain a better understanding of your needs
  • A number of telephone consulting sessions to cover key topics
  • Detailed follow-up information guide, living expenses/budget and essential checklists after each telephone session
  • Personal contacts such as visa agent, babysitters, Doctor, dentist,  rental agents, relocation specialist etc

Contact us to get started on your Bali move.

Who has used our service?

Maudie, her husband and 4-year-old daughter from the Central Coast of Sydney

Happy snap on holidays in Flores, Indonesia

Maudie and her family are seeking a new adventure and moving to Bali in 2018.

They are using our service to help make this big change as smoothly as possible. They are particularly grateful we can help with housing in a good, safe, neighbourhood, organising a great international childcare centre for her daughter as well as transport options. For example, many expats here use drivers as a safe and affordable way to get around the island on a daily basis.

Maudie has an online homeware store and her husband is a freelance photographer and they hope to create a wonderful, new life for their family in Bali. Even though they have had many holidays here they know how different living in Bali is and they are very happy for us to take them through the necessary steps to pack up their home on the Central Coast and relocate to Bali.

Some examples of Maudie’s tailored relocation package:

  • Initial landing pad for first 6 weeks
  • Villa options and neighbourhood discovery
  • Learning about transport
  • Inspecting and enrolment of child care centre
  • Settling in with kids consultation and checklist
  • What to pack checklist
  • Where to shop checklist
  • What sorts of things are available on the island
  • Where to buy groceries checklist
  • An extensive guide on where to go and what to do with kids in Bali
  • Top 10 affordable places to eat local and western food, best beaches, and day trips exploring Bali.

Stories shared

We love chatting to other expat families who have moved here so we have created a wonderful interview collection. Click here to read answers to questions like work in Bali, describe your typical day, how do you find the locals, what do you least like, your best moments and much more.

Although we assist families for relocation, we definitely have the tools to cater for all ages/stages and backgrounds in life.

Bali attracts couples and families who are looking for a cheaper lifestyle and lower living costs. Bali can be that option, for example, allowing mums to build up a dream business while getting support through child minding, cleaning and cooking. Bali can change up your everyday routine and teach you about all sorts of things in life that you never knew. It can be a place of self reflection and meditation. There are so many considerations when making the move to Bali and what your motivating factors are.

We are offering a unique opportunity to share our extensive local knowledge gleaned through hard work, extensive research and good old-fashioned mistakes made along the way!

We would love you to make the move to Bali with us.

Email your contact number and time zone so we can do a free 15 minute call discussing your needs and more about the service.