The idea for this post came from a close friend of ours who asked me to write about what we are most and least looking forward to and then to reflect back on this list in 12 months time. Love this idea and I guess a lot of these answers are either in our heads or we have discussed this together as a family but it feels good to write them down.

So this post will be cover the things that we are most looking forward and then in another one I will list things we aren’t looking forward to. 

These points are in no particular order but rather a brain dump of things.

Perhaps you have suggestions for some of the things we should look forward to as well!

Most looking forward to:

  • Spending WAY more quality time together 
  • Working A LOT less
  • Playing more
  • Not take life too seriously
  • Laughing more
  • Enjoying simple things in life together
  • Swimming everyday
  • No work commute
  • Enjoying summer all year round
  • Experiencing and learning a new rich culture and heritage
  • Experience an international school
  • Watching the kids grow in an amazing environment
  • Getting the kids to learn and appreciate the world
  • Exploring Bali and all its beauty
  • Exploring nearby countries
  • Creating a new home and life 
  • Helping kids with their school work a lot more
  • Making new friends
  • Learning a new language
  • Enjoy living in a balinese style villa (we have all lived in the same home for the last 10 years!)
  • Working in a beautiful environment
  • Getting into mediation and yoga
  • Getting back into old hobbies i.e. scuba diving
  • Volunteering at the school and in the community
  • Connecting better as a family, as parents and partners
  • Eating amazing food, enjoying the local cuisine, eating fresh organic produce
  • Enjoying the slower paced way of life
  • Learning how to cook Balinese food
  • Learning and trying so many new things – who knows what they are now!
  • Being spontaneous
  • Being a part of like-minded people (expats or other people e meet from around the world)
  • Spending time with our friends and family who visit us
  • Having more ‘me’ time
  • Learning more about ourselves and each other
  • Working in a creative environment – who knows what opportunities may arise!
  • Seeing our children grow and develop in a foreign environment 
  • See our children appreciate what they have back home
  • Reading more
  • Getting lots of cheap massages!
  • Breaking free from the Sydney routine
  • Developing new work opportunities
  • Writing this blog
  • Participating in Balinese festivals
  • Buying our groceries at the local markets
  • Showing the kids a new mum and dad they havent seen before
  • Dropping and picking up the kids from school everyday
  • Not having to do loads of washing every week!
  • Making SO many amazing memories….and SO much more!!!

Well it looks like the positive will outweigh the negative! We will definitely revisit these posts in 12 months time and compare the lists. I am sure there will be many challenges and we will have good days and bad days and days we wished we didn’t make the move but overall I hope we are going to have an incredible family adventure and we will all get something very special from our time away.

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